Education for all Charity Concert

Created Mar 20, 2022 | Kosovo Lungujja Rubaga Kampala
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Growing up in the village was able to give me a mixed experience of good and bad moments like any one would say so. The quality of life of people in the village experience can never be experienced in urban areas; the soothing environment, fresh food, fresh air, wide areas and the talk with the old aged and experienced people and the best part less expenses. You can easily erase the word boring from your dictionary living there.
My name is Pario Patrick, a Ugandan citizen with passion and interest in family and community transformation. I am the Executive Director of Patrick Foundation.I thank you for the effort of coming to celebrate, embrace and support the children in Patrick Foundation. I welcome you all with a sincere heart.
I was born in a small village of Padaa in Nyadri South Sub-County in Maracha district, 25Km from Arua town in West Nile region. It is a remote area, which is about 600KM from the capital city, Kampala. Comparatively, my parents were peasant farmers and therefore they neither had formal employments nor businesses leaving our family with only proceeds realized from sale of food crops and tobacco as the main source of income and they spoke only one language, Lugbarati.
With such a background, education was never a priority in our family. Going through all hurdles where situations were quite appalling like the struggles with the lack of basic school materials, the lack of school fees, omitting lunch because there was less food at home and the struggles with health issues and so forth. I managed to sit Primary Leaving Examination in 2002 and obtained aggregate 8 in the first year; but because it was a norm to repeat P.7 due to financial hardships in our community, my parents told me to do so despite the fact I was the first child of my parents to pass Primary Seven. What, with aggregate 8, the second best in the district by then and in the first year of sitting!!! Tears rolled all over my face because some colleagues who got 20+ aggregates were joining Secondary Schools but not me. This was such a daunting experience as someone who admired secondary school life. In a nut shell, this only explains 30% of my struggles in school at lower levels, the most difficult life started in secondary school and beyond, but I can only say “To God Be the Glory.”

Indeed, families living in poverty often have to choose between sending their child to School or providing other basic needs. The saying that education and poverty are directly linked is very true. Lack of access to education is a major predictor of passing poverty from one generation to the next and receiving education is one of the best ways to achieve financial stability. Education is a basic human right that opens doors for people to lead healthy lives and contribute to their communities. This may also enlighten them with financial literacy thus savings and personal developmentPatrick Foundation is looking forward to enhancing access to education for the children who are most needy in the communities in Maracha as the piloting district. We can all note that access to education is one of the best ways of achieving and ensuring more equal future by leaving no child behind.

Our Vision
There is one in every FamilyOur Mission
Ensure a child in need is reached and has access to all their basic needs, including but not limited to, education, health, shelter, food and clothing
With the efforts and enthusiasm of friends, staff and guiders, we need to take action to uplift the status of the people of maracha and west Nile as a whole.I welcome each and every body present to join us as funders, stakeholders for each one in every family can be reached to ensure that the mission of Patrick foundation is achieved.
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Yours Sincerely,
Pario Patrick
Executive DirectorPatrick Foundation +256 773 768467+256 754 322447
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