Fundraiser For Worship Music Album

by Benard Nyeko
Created Dec 02, 2022 | Gulu,Uganda
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Artiste Description
Tizzy is an unsigned Ugandan-born Christian, singer-songwriter and self-taught guitarist.
He is predominantly known for his vocally-upfront music style by guitar strings.

He is a nominee for three musical awards that is; Viga Music Awards 2022, Devout Music Awards 2022 and Royal Gospel Music 2022.
He, also is an alumni member of Yes Uganda Academy, an arm of American Voices which has had financial backing from the US Mission in Uganda.
The Academy equips young musicians, artists and creatives to better harness their talents and increase on their brand visibility.

Though his primary music genre is soul music, he equally draws notable influences from R&B, Pop-Rock, Afro-soul and Trap music.
Despite the fact that he started singing from an early age, he paid much attention to grow his musical skills upon joining the choir at his local Church in Gulu District, located in the northern part of Uganda.
He is majorly inspired by Tauren Wells, an American gospel singer-songwriter and worship leader.

Back Story
I believe that God has ordained me into the music ministry and it has been a two years since I started out on my musical voyage on the mainstream as my life’s mission to bring hope through the message of the risen Christ.
My music is distinctive and a conduit to reach out to my influences and the world with the message of the gospel of Jesus.
Through major online streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and ITunes, my music has reached a plentitude of people across borders.
To this day, I still look around with joy seeing the testimonies of how many people have been blessed through my music and creative content. Many of them finding solace, hope and enjoying a hearty uplifting feeling.
My Appeal
Since the year I released my debut single “Guti na”, plans have been established to annually release a number of songs ranging from 3-4 songs.
These have for the most part been self-funded, with support from friends and family, and to this day I have released a four singles.
Related procedures like getting local airplay, promotion for organic reach and personal branding have also been pivotal to ensure that the songs have an optimum reach.

Being an unsigned artist, with no major label backing has been financially challenging especially presently.
As a result, it is increasingly challenging to book studio time to record new songs.
You can change that through your generosity that will help sustain my musical journey benefitting the listenership it reaches.
A monetary gift from you of any amount in support of my music career will go a long way to keep this dream and calling from the Lord alive.
When you give to this ministry, your gift goes toward financing studio expenses and release of new worship music, personal branding and promotional materials. This will enable me to my musical goals.

I pray that you will take this request in your consideration.
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