Covid-19 Relief to Blind Athletes

by Uganda Blind Sport
Created Sep 25, 2020 | Kampala
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Uganda Blind Sports Association (UBSA)

It is a National Organization charged with sports for people with visual impairments. It is affiliated to and a member of Uganda Paralympic Committee and it is where its offices are located in the same building (124 Church Road- Mulago Hill in Kampala).
For the past 4 months our athletes have been going through difficult times due to the covid 19 lock down. Before the Covid 19 situation, many of our athletes were full time sports men and others were students in various institutions. 60% of our athletes have no alternative sources of earning and this has increased on the burden of the Blind sport Asssociation to care for the athletes in terms of food, shelter support and so many others

Resumption of Sport
With the re-opening of sports in Uganda following the presidents directive, Our association can`t meet some of the required needs for our sports to move forexample buying temperature guns, sanitazers, mandetory testing fees of 240,000 shillings and so many others has made resuming our sports difficult again.
We therefore request for any support towards helping our sport and all our athletes accross the country.

Thank you.
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