Help Girls Make Own Reusable Sanitary Pads

by Kwehangana Hamza
Created Nov 15, 2020 | Mukono, Uganda
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I know COVID19 has in one way or another affected you or your family and friends. But let's not forget about the school going girls that have to stop attending classes or give up on studying simply because of a healthy and natural change in their bodies. This should never be the case.

Why I'm seeking your support
It’s estimated that 30% of Ugandan girls from poor families miss school due to lack of sanitary towels according to research by Build Africa. And there is still an increase in how women struggle to manage menstruation in low-income families and communities.

As you know, specifically in Uganda, schools have been closed to about 9months now due to COVID19 however, we trust that they'll be up and open again the next school year.

My desire is to see that what Gain Confidence Africa (GCA) started can materialise. For the girls have the skills to make there own towels but they're hindered by the resources. And when they get the resources, they'll have both the skills and resources hence be able to make their own towels.

I'm looking at each girl making own 15 reusable towels which could take her for a year or two. Each reusable towel costs about UGX 2,000 to make equating to UGX 30,000 to make 15 towels for use in a year. So, for 200 girls, it would cost UGX 6,000,000 worth of materials to make 3000 reusable sanitary towels. Reusable%20pad%202_1605463559.jpeg

This is more than halfway cheaper compared to purchasing a disposable sanitary pack for UGX 2,500 with 6 towels. Each month one would need about 3 packs costing her UGX 7,500. In a year, that's nearly UGX 90,000. Which is way much for a family of 3 that spends UGX 4,000 per day.

I'm looking at GCA procuring and delivering materials to 200 vulnerable girls in 9 schools who need them and make own reusable pads that can take them for a year or two. Of course, the numbers can even be higher if am to consider girls in communities that GCA has been to.

All monies collected will be sent to Gain Confidence Africa with clean and clear documentation and accountability and therefore they can help procure and deliver these materials to Girls they trained in several schools in Mukono.

Why this campaign?
As someone who has visited schools in which GCA carries out her activities and spoke to these students several times, I saw the need to raise this awareness. And for my 25th birthday, I decided to challenge myself by going to hike Mt. Rwenzori the highest in Uganda at 5109m above sea level. I chose to publically share my training and experiences across social media platforms with #HamzaToTheSummit, #ReuseablePads as hashtags and on my blog.

I thought it prudent that for those who would wish to support me in one way or another or enjoyed my hiking blogs, you would simply make a donation and help girls make own reusable sanitary towels. That would mean so much to me than anything else.

In case you wish to donate materials directly or wish to contact GCA, feel free to write to them here:

For questions or comments regarding this campaign, feel free to write me

Check out my blog for updates regarding hiking Mt Rwenzori starting 18th November 2020.
Thank you for your emotional and financial support geared to helping girls live a dignified, healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Yasin Sentumbwe
    Yasin Sentumbwe donated Shs10,000
  • Stefan Josef Teichtweiher
    Stefan Josef Teichtweiher donated Shs150,000
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated Shs5,000
  • RN
    RN donated Shs2,000
  • Ritah
    Ritah donated Shs25,000

    Let's be the change we want to see. Thank you guys for this initiative

  • Sheillah Kituyi
    Sheillah Kituyi donated Shs2,000

    Amazing work

  • Kwehangana Hamza
    Kwehangana Hamza donated Shs37,000

    Am inspired to identify oppotunities and that's what Gain Confidence Africa stands for.

  • Thanks to everyone that has not only supported this cause but also helped shared and raise awareness regarding this cause.

    The week from 18 to 24th Nov 2020, I was still in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and together with a team of other passionate hikers, we climbed and summited Margherita the highest peak on Mt Rwenzori at 5109m ASL. See photo above.

    That for me is more than enough and makes the reason behind creating this cause fruitful. However, your support and contribution towards it is still welcome and the need to address this challenge still stands.

    Thank you all and i'll keep you posted on all other changes/updates that may come up.
    Stay blessed.

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