Medical, Illness & Healing

Help Daniel walk again.

by Ongom Vincent
Created Jan 09, 2021 | Oyam district
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Onyang Daniel is L.R.A. war victim whose parents all got killed during the war in northern Uganda, but the most sad part of the story is that Daniel also got upducted by the LRA rebels 2 years after the death of his parents where by unfortunately he also later on got shot and the bullets badly damaged his thy bones while in an ambush staged by the government soldiers against LRA in Kitgum district.
Daniel has been walking with a Klatch ever since but he has now got complications that requires operations recommended by Dr Ekure of Kumi Orthopedic hospital whose money Daniel can not afford completely since he is also disabled due the injuries sustained.

Daniel apparently has no one to help him since his only brother that had remained died in 2011.
Right now Daniel lives in this hut which was built by the church and members of the community who has also been playing an upper roles in giving Daniel food.
Daniel is in need of 22,000,000 ugx as a medical bill to facilitate his leg operation.

I would like to request any kind brothers and sisters out there to help Daniel undergo his operation, it is promised by the doctor that Daniel will be able to walk again.
Thank you.
May God Bless you.
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