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Walabyeki Magoba is a self published professional Luganda author of fiction and non- fiction works, who for the past 54 years, has penned 90 works of which 60 are for adults and young adults and the remaining 30 are for children. Magoba has won multiple literacy awards the latest being THE INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL AND HERITAGE AWARD 2021 conferred upon him by CROSS CULTURE FOUNDATION OF UGANDA in recognition of his efforts to capture and document Luganda oral literature and folklore
During the 2020-2021 lockdowns, he has written 20 Luganda manuscripts as per their summaries here below
  1. MANYA EBIFA KU KIKA KYO (The basic facts about your clan)
  2. SSEMAKOOKIIRO NE JJUNJU (A historical novel of a bitter rivalry between two brothers vying for the throne).
  3. NSOLOBUSOLO (A historical play about king Kagulu whose elder sister Nassolo waged a successful guerrilla war and deposed him because he had reduced Buganda kingdom to a valley of blood and tears)
  4. KIRIMULULU (A novel about dubious means of acquiring immense wealth)
  5. ZAAFA BUSA ( A novel about the consequences of a loss of one’s identity)
  6. TWALIWO (Outstanding personalities who shaped modern Buganda between 1862 and 1966)
  7. TAATA ONVUDDEMU? (A bilingual English / Luganda novella about forced early marriages)
  1. TUFUME ( Lets tell folktales)
  2. NYUMIRWA NGA BW’OYIGA-NAMBA 4 (Local and international folktales)
  3. NYUMIRWA NGA BW’OYIGA –NAMBA 5 (Local and international folktales )
  4. WAKAYIMA SSAABAYAAYE (Mr.Hares’s tricks)
  5. ENFUMO Z’OTOWULIRANGAKO (Untold of folktales)
  6. ENGERO EZIVA EWALA ENNYO (A collection of 100 Aesop’s fables in Luganda)
  7. NVIIRA (A novella empowering adolescent boys)
  8. NAAWE OLI FFALA? (Are you naive also?)
  9. AMAZINA G’AKABUZI (The Goat’s dance)
  10. KALALI OMULAMUZI OMUTO (A historical Novella about Kalali the boy who became a judge at 14 years because of his exceptional jurisprudence abilities)
  11. NAKUYA MUKWANO GWAWAMMESE NNAMBA 2 (Nakuya’s adventure with a rat)
  12. BAMULIRAANWA ABALOGO (A reader examining unfounded mistrust)
  13. KABAMBI (A reader on the merits of consideration for others)

On May 29th, 2022 Magoba will be celebrating 55 years as a writer, and to mark this occasion, he is planning to unveil the above 20 books, with a grand launch dubbed AMAGOBA GA COVID (Covid19 fruits)
However, Covid19 has hugely compromised his financial independence to an extent that he is incapable of organizing funds to self publish the 20 manuscripts without external funding as was a case in the pre-Covid19 times.
You are therefore invited to come to Magoba’s aid so that he realizes his literary dream of enriching the Luganda language with 20 new very high quality works by donating any amount that is in harmony with your generosity in order to enable him raise $23,700 to publish the manuscripts under discussion. His printers have raised an invoice of $8500 to print the seven titles for adults and young adults and $15200 for the children’s works
Even if there was no COVID19 pandemic, he could not be in position to raise $23,700 (82,950,00 Uganda Shillings) to realize his unique literary dream. His therefore backing on your generosity to execute this noble literary accomplishment
A Sudanese academician Taban Loliong once described described Uganda as literary desert; hence your financial assistance to this project will be a direct contribution to Magoba’s endeavour to create a Luganda language literary oasis.
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