Snake bite sensitization

by Go wild adventures
Created Jun 13, 2020 | Entebbe uganda
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Go wild adventures is a destination management company specializing in fauna and flora hence providing conservation education and finding your wildness phobia with a passion for herpetology.

Some of the services we offer include conservation education,herping(both reptiles and amphibians)snake handling training, gorilla trekking,biological studies, camping,city tours etc .

COVID-19 emergency has not only hit the human race but it has also hindered hospitals hence not being able to access antivenom for snakebite victims in uganda leading to high number of snake bite deaths.

Many people in uganda are green about snakes ,this has cause a lot to be bitten leading to death .we here by come up to educate / sensitize people on snakes and on how they can live with them harmoniously .

killing snakes is not a solution to asnake bite but knowing how to deal with a person bitten by a venomous snake.
We are to make a door to door and online teaching on how to prevent snake bites in our communities.
Please donate to help our communities and snakes at Large.
we appreciate all your donations to thus cause
Mukwaya Michael
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