Wildlife conservation-Reptiles and Amphibians

by Flavia Kobusingye
Created May 19, 2020 | Entebbe-Bunono cell-Katabi Town council
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Uganda Reptiles Village is a community based organization that was initiated in 2004. We habor different endengered species in the habitat.
We habor over 40 species some of which are the African rock python,black mamba,gaboon viper, forest cobras and many more to mention but a few.

We have frogs, crocodiles,nice monitor,lizards, tortoises, chameleons and many more species that lie under the reptiles and amphibians bracket.
Remember conservation of snakes is an important part of biodiversity because they make up a significant portion of the middle order predators that keep our natural ecosystem working.

Some of the services we offer include camping,environmental conservation,herping(both reptiles and amphibians) off site, training and Skilling in snake handling, snake viewing, fishing(we have a man made river with in the farm), boat riding,educating people on the behavior of snakes and amphibians in a bid to make them appreciate these species and limit dangering them, rescuing the species from hostile communities, tour guiding, volunteer training and many more.

Our organization survives on donations from well wishers and the community that greatly supports this youth founded initiative.
It's maintenance is dependent on the charity and generosity of the people that love the wilderness and highly participate in the well being of the place.

COVID-19 emergency has not only hit the human race but it has also hindered the wilderness through tourism.
Most of our revenue comes from tourists(who at the time can't move from one country to another with ease), schools(these not operating) and for the continuity of this project we have to entirely depend on donations and fundraising for as much as we can.
This is to allow feeding, maintenance and smooth running of the project to prevent the species from being a danger to the community and to them selves as a result of lack of feeding and good healthy care.

We appreciate every donation from anyone.
Thank you.
    FLAVIA KOBUSINGYE donated Shs5,000
  • Diana Glory Max
    Diana Glory Max donated Shs10,000

    I love your work... I hope the animals wont feed on us.. huh

  • Flavia Kobusingye
    Flavia Kobusingye donated Shs20,000
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