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DolphinFund | A Digital Fundraising | Crowdfunding Platform

Dolphin Fund is a  community- driven fundraising platform that helps individuals and organisations transparently receive donations from friends and well-wishers all over the world.

The name Dolphin
Our vision is that all the campaigns featured on DolphinFund will embody the characteristics of the Dolphin: 

Altruism. Dolphins are known to be one of the most caring species of animals. They are always on the lookout for another animal that is in need, including human beings who happen to be the biggest threat to their own survival.
DolphinFund was set up for the express purpose of allowing people; individuals and organisations to care for one another through supporting deserving causes.
Community: Dolphins live in groups which can have as many as 1,000 members or more. They hunt together and play together.
We seek to promote the spirit of community in the campaigns that feature on our platform. The acknowledgement that we are always stronger together than as individuals. 
Creativity and Fun: Dolphins are highly intelligent and are known for being very playful. 
Campaigns on the platform harness opportunities created by current leaps in information technology, research, marketing and management practices to ensure the highest possibility of success. This is through methods used in campaign design, promotion, educating the donors, and implementing of the project.
Visionary: Dolphins have a very well developed sense of sight and hearing. 
DolphinFund campaigns purpose to reach the largest number of beneficiaries whether through the direct project that is being funded or through partnerships formed with others working towards similar causes. Our hope is that funds collected eventually expand the influence of the campaign even beyond the originally intended geographical and demographic boundaries.

DolphinFund has consistently supported generosity and community engagement by promoting creative campaigns for the most crucial causes. We draw inspiration from the successful initiatives that have been funded through our platform and have gone on to transform the lives of many people. 

Fundraising is simple and efficient with Dolphin Fund.
Register your cause or as an individual or organisation, set your fundraiser goal, Tell your story, Add a picture or video and publish to the world and start receiving donations. 

DolphinFund is a place where people can raise funds for causes that are close to their hearts or for causes that personally affected them.
DolphinFund can be about a person, an organisation or a cause or it can just be about somebody that felt the need to take action.

Setting up a campaign is really easy and honestly only takes a couple of minutes. 
You can write a campaign with the same amount of effort it takes to write an email. You could share it with your entire network quicker than you can even send that email. 

You definitely want to have a great picture. People looking at a campaign can connect with what you’re doing. 

From there, you just want to share with friends and family. The cool thing about starting a DolphinFund is that you get to connect with your friends over something that is important to you. When it comes to actually getting the funds, the entire process will take you about five minutes. 

Money will reach your bank account in ten days and you will be all set. 

If I could just have everybody donate $1 to me, I could pay off my student loans. Essentially that’s how DolphinFund works.

Your cause is incredibly important and there’s no comparison to all these causes. We are all here because we care about making people’s day a little bit brighter and a little bit easier when they are going through tough times. 

We are allowing people to connect with people across the world and support each other, in tragic times, in beautiful times. I love what we do.

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