Help Rebuild My Business To Help My Mum

by Taha Raz
Created Apr 28, 2022 | kampala
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Dear All!
At the moment am really down, because of what happened to me.
I lost my dad when I was 6 years of age.
now am 25 years of age.
it has been all along I my little brother and mother living three of Us.
I had my own workshop,where I could get Some money to help my mother brother and my self where we could get something to eat.
the business wasn't going well as I expected,it in future time, everything was not ok sometimes, we could spend the night without Dinner!
I called my friend who was in south Africa,
if he could help me get a good paying job there.
I thank God I managed to get a job it was repairing phone that was my good chance,because it was what I had been doing for a long time. we planned for the day of my travel he helped me raised some amount of money for my travel documents everything was clear.
but on my way traveling to South Africa, I didn't realized that the bus I took all the stuff members were robbers. I had to trust them because I never knew were I was going, it was my first time traveling far.
In the hotel were I spent the night at the boarder of Tanzania and Zambia.
They robbed each and everything I had, even the little money I got was gone by the bus stuff they took everything from me.
I was shoked, and I blacked out for some time.
When I woke up they sent migration officers to arrest me, so I could not investigate how I got stolen they know I had nothing.
That's why they sent migration officer after me, because they had all my travel documents.
I was jailed for three days, when they found out that everything was true due to what happened to me later on they released me. from jail I had no money to go back home even I couldn't proceed too far because of luck of my documents......
I tried to get help I couldn't because people who would have helped me, I left them home with nothing, later on a Somalian man was near listening to my story so he decided to help me. He was coming to the border of Uganda and Tanzania at mutukula.
He drives long cars of petrol he helped me until I reached the boarder but I had to walk the rest of miles at home with my feets, I really thank that Somalian man.
I pray God gives him whatever he wishes in his life.
I have uploaded my real photo, and the migration officer police release paper and some of my remaining workshop tools which I was using, before traveling I wish to add more on them to work again.
If I could raise some money to rebuild my workshop again and look after my mum and my little brother it will mean a world to me for anything I can raise...
I ask for your support, any amount will help!
I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] Button to share my project!
thank you for your support!
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