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by Kato Asuman Sanywa
Created Jul 17, 2022 | Kawaala link, bwaise 3.
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Dear Mr/Ms,
I appreciate the time you take to read the content of my story. My name is Kato Asuman; a resident of Bwaise, Kampala district, Uganda. I had a business (Mobile Money Agent) before COVID-19 Pandemic however I used the money (capital) to provide basic needs to my family (wife and two children) during lockdown period since I was not working.

Ever since the end of lockdown, I am in a bad situation (lack of food, shelter, education to children and medical) since am jobless.

I have tried my best to raise some amount (capital), and it is not enough to re-open the business yet the situation is worsening everyday.

The required amount of money (capital) needed for business is five million shillings (Ugx 5,000,000) and I have failed to raise any money.

Am writing to you to ask to support me so that I re-open the business and be able to provide the basic needs to my family.

I will be anticipating your reply; you can reach me on my email ( or via mobile; +256757077730. Thanks God Bless.
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