Help A Rural Child Study

by Joseph Jawange Nyalulu
Created Sep 13, 2022 | Paya, Tororo, Eastern Uganda
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Dear friends and well-wishers, please take time to support me raise approximately USD 370 (UGX 1,360,000) to help improve the education performance of our dear children studying in the rural areas of Greater Paya Sub-County in Tororo District. With every little donation, you are giving a child studying in rural areas of Paya an opportunity to excel and go beyond primary School education. Education is a field closer to my heart as a trained teacher! Please join me in this journey, and the Almighty Bless you abundantly.

Poor performance among children in rural schools has been increasing and this has greatly affected the education of majority of Ugandan children most of who reside and study in rural areas like Paya. Indeed, many schools hardly get pupils in Division One in the Primary Level National Examinations. It has been established that inaccessibility of simplified reading materials for both teachers and learners in rural areas contributes greatly to the persistent poor performance. With the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, over 25% of Ugandan; that is a quarter of the population has been driven back to living below the poverty line. This is because Uganda like many other countries around the world implemented measures that were aimed at controlling the spread of the virus. Measures like lockdowns and amidst economic hardships for families resulted into increased cases of violence, failure to provide scholastic materials and abuse among school going children thus affecting their education (United Nations, 2020a, 2020b, 2020c, 2020d).

Schools closures as a measure to curb the spread of the pandemic exacerbated the learning crisis that existed before with rural children being the most adversely affected in terms of lack of access to education materials. Also, with the implementation of distance learning program which is synonymous with technology, there was and still exists massive gaps in access to technology among urban and rural areas like Paya and this further worsened the inequality in that children in rural areas did not have access necessary technology like Internet, Television Sets and Radio and therefore affecting their learning which has worsened poor performance among rural children and resultantly affecting their education.
Kisia Development Forum-KDF a fully Registered Membership Based Non-profit, Nongovernmental Community Based Organization first registration Number CR/17412020 and recently renewed under Registration Number CR/10/2022 that aims to Promote the Socio-economic wellbeing of its members and all people in Tororo seeks to raise funds approximately USD 370 (UGX 1,360,000) to provide simplified Reading Materials to ease rural Teachers’ work and Revision among pupils The initiative will target 17 Primary Schools in Greater Paya Sub county in Tororo District. This will be provided with the following items;

1) Purchase a set simplified Reading materials for 4 Subjects for the 17 Primary Schools in Greater Paya Sub-County in Tororo District.

  1. Simplified Reading Material for Mathematics @ UGX 20,000 *17 =UGX340,000
  2. Simplified Reading Material for English @ UGX 20,000 *17=UGX340,000
  3. Simplified Reading Material for Science @ UGX 20,000 *17=UGX340,000
  4. Simplified Reading Material for Social Studies and Religious Education @ UGX 20,000 *17=UGX340,000
For Information Please reach out to our Programs Director-Mr. Joseph Jawanghe Nyalulu through the adddresses below

Mr. Joseph Jawanghe Nyalulu
Programs Director- Kisia Development Forum-KDF
Plot 1 Bili Laake Mwenge-Kisia Paya Tororo Uganda
Telephone/WhatsApp: +256704337761
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