Sponsor a School with Kidsville News!

by Harry Sagara & Dr. Linda Lilian
Created Aug 12, 2020 | Uganda
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Sponsor a School subscription with Kidsville news

Kidsville News is a Ugandan newspaper for kids between the ages of 8 and 12. Slated for a grand launch in January 2021, Kidsville news explains complex and scary news, giving kids a voice and their first taste of quality journalism. Our fantastic range of cool and colourful stories will make avid readers out of even the most book-shy kids!
What is Sponsor a School Subscription with Kidsville News
It is a program to provide newspapers to classrooms in rural schools whose parents cannot afford a normal subscription to Kidsville News. Teachers use the Kidsville newspaper to teach vocabulary, comprehension, writing skills, history, reading, economics, math, science, geography and more. This will stimulate the childrens interest in current affairs and news while improving overall academic performance. Our goal is to reach 100,000 kids.

Why Sponsor a school?
Globally research has found that students in schools with at least some Newspaper in Education program did 10% better on standardized tests than students in schools that had no newspaper programs.
Our children need your help
We need your help sponsoring these newspapers. Our initial goal is to deliver 1,200,000 newspapers to local schools and grow those numbers as demand increases. Unfortunately most rural parents cannot afford a Kidsville News subscription even at our drastically reduced rates, your support is necessary to kick off this program.
What better way to help our kids succeed than to contribute to a program like Sponsor a School Subscription with Kidsville news. 100% of your donation will provide newspapers and teaching materials for local classrooms.

One subscription costs 25.000 Shillings and includes 12 Newspapers being produced, printed and delivered to a rural school. Each paper is read by approximately 100 kids which means you help about 1200 children

You make a huge difference for many children by sponsoring a subscription of Kidsville News to just one school. Please spread the words to your friends about it, so the impact can be even bigger. Together we can change Society and foster quality education through Literacy.

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