Save Tag Rugby Trust Uganda (TRTU)

by Namusisi Euniah
Created Nov 06, 2020 | Kampala
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Tag Rugby Trust Uganda (TRTU) was established in 2005 with the first pilot tours in 2002 it is the Uganda’s largest rugby organisation with 20 active community clubs and over 40 tag Centres (Nationally)
The Initial development involved running tours with volunteers from all over the world to teach kids and adults to play tag rugby. As a result of early TRT development, tag rugby is played in Uganda, Zambia, India (Orissa) and Zimbabwe. Both the men's and women's national teams of Uganda and India have players that started as TRT taggers. Zambia and Zimbabwe (U21) have young men with the same path to national representation.

The organisation’s funding source has been from sponsors whose finances were severely affected by the COVID 19 situation which has put most of the activities on a stand still.
Currently we have a challenge of office rent of 6,000,000 Ugs (six million Ug shillings) and the landlord has given us a deadline of 30th November 2020 to pay and once it’s not paid, the office property will be confiscated and our office will be no more. The rent has been raised from 200,000shs per month to 300,000shs and we need more support to push us for more 2 years ahead (Jan 2021 to December 2022) that’s 7,200,000 (Seven million two hundred thousand shillings) and salaries for 2 staff from November 2020 to December 2022 of 3,000,000* 26 months (78,000,000Ugs)
  • Total Amount needed: 91,200,000Ugsh Ninety one million two hundred thousand shillings.
(6,000,000 + 7,200,000 + 78,000,000 =91,200,000Ugsh)

With this cause, we call upon urgent support from all well wishers all over the world and it will be highly appreciated.

For any support please use;
Mobile Money: +256779841987/+256789364199
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01983521000024
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