by Exodus Community Awakening Foundation
Created Jun 28, 2020 | Bwaise Kampala Uganda
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Over the past couple of months, The world has been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic..
The pandemic has caused a number of hardships amongst the population.

In Uganda, the nation has been on a lockdown for close to 2months and no citizen is certain on when it's to be lifted..
Many people have been forced to divert their fears from Covid-19 to Hunger since most of them have always lived on a daily income and hadn't been able to save any money that can sustain them through.

In slum areas like Bwaise, Kaleerwe, Mulago, Katwe, Kamwokya, Nateete and Kibuli, most people are termed as "Volunerable" due to the fact that they live in days of Hardships, misery and are living in total poverty. On implementing the lockdown, these people where left with no option but to starve. Though the government tried as hard as possible to distribute Food, most people have already consumed it as they claim it wasn't enough to push them this long.

A walk in one of the biggest slums in Uganda, kids are crying, mothers are living in misery, hunger has taken over the areas. ( Videos are still being compiled before getting posted).

After observing this situation, ECAFUg came out in a bid to rescue the starving families..

In our program, #FeedTheVolunerableFamilies, we are targeting to feed a total of 200 families by Donating relief Foods, Sanitary Products (Pads for the ladies & Soap) and other essential equipments that are used in daily lives.

In summation, each family of 4members is believed to be surviving on $1.57 per day that's 6,000UGX. And we are planning to donate food that's to sustain them through a period of 31days

This to be done, we need to have your help. We are kindly requesting you to please support us in this campaign to raise $8,894.3

For more information please contact us via our page we instantly reply or via call or WhatsApp on +256785881872 / +256702414675

Thank You so much

Together we can make this happen

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