Hands-On skills Training

by Muhammed Dimma Mawejje
Created May 19, 2020 | kasangati Town Council-Kitegomba Village
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Mawejje Creations request humbly for your support both inkind and monetry donation to make sure this program has success with aim of raising 400000ugx(100$-150$) to enable us train and equip 16 younger people in our community. Each participant will 25000ugx(6$-7$) with all materials in place.

About Us
Mawejje Creations is social enterprise and banana fiber center which develops affordable banana fiber products to reduce banana waste, enable banana growers earn extra income while creating jobs opportunity for disadvantaged youth and women in rural and urban communities in Uganda.Through banana fiber production/extraction, incubation and hands-on skills training.

Uganda is among of African countries with emerging growing number of younger people with 75% in age of 15-25 yrs. Most of these young people go through difficults of unemployment and underemployment yet industrial and service sector have not created enough jobs for youthful burgeoning labour. This has been anorm which have been happening in my community for the past 10 years since I started understanding what life is,7 out of 10 young people in my community havent been employed and 3 out 10 have been able to access jobs opportunity through different sectors both private and government ie car drivers,boda boda cyclist,market vendors and so on. For the past 58 and another extesion of 21 days everything come to change after the president decaring a country lockdown and suspesion of public gathering,public transport and other services.
The entire world has been affected by this pandemic to extent that it even hit the job and human resource sector which has left over 800million people loosing their jobs according to the report released by International Labour Organisation in March 2020. It didn’t stop on global level only but even our communities have been affected with same factor of Covid19 which has put the entire world in situation of uncerternity due this pandemic.
In response to the situation, Mawejje Creations has come up with POST COVID HANDS-ON SKILLS TRAINING to raise 400000/-ugx(100$-150$) for younger people who have been affected by the pandemic to train and equip 16 outstanding younger people with life time skills in banana fiber jewelry,photo flames,coaster/glass covers all made out of banana waste(banana fibers) and recycled paper board.

The raised Money will be used as follows:
Raised money will be used to procure learning and training material accordingly.
Card boards(recycled hard paper) 30000ugx(9$)
Banana fibers 50000ugx(12$)
Wood glue 40000 ugx(11$)
Praya 60000ugx(13$)
Scissors 70000ugx(14$)
Face masks 72000ugx(14.5$)
Liquid soap(washing hands) 30000ugx(9$)
Trainer 80000ugx(22$)
Disposal graves 8000ugx(2.5$)
You can donate using your visa card or even you mobile money (MTN users)
Duration of Training and execution
10 working days(two weeks).
Upon successful raising of targeted money, we will proceed with call for application through our community network where we will be able to select 16 younger people later which they will be divided into two groups of 8 to make sure we keep the guidelines and directives of minstry of Health.

Our goal/objective for this fund and training.
  • To raise 400000ugx(100$-150$)
  • To Train 16 and more young people affected by pandemic if we reach the target goal and exceed it if possible
  • To equip and train these young people with hands-on skills in banana fiber jewelry, photo flame,gift boxes,glass covers.
  • To create platform of marketing,networking and business to facilitate and nature them into aspiring entrepreneurs through business incubation.
  • These younger people will get chance to join Mawejje Creations production for product specialization.
In these hard times we do believe that it not easy or be in position to donate money but we will be glad for your in kind donation in terms of training and learning materials as follows;
  • Working table.
  • Note books
  • Mathematical set
  • Safety materials
  • First aid box
  • Face masks
  • Sketching books
  • Drawing pencils
  • Flip charts
  • Writing markers
  • Papers
All above materials will procured towards successfully training in community,

What we have achieved in past months of existence
  • Conducted Banana Fiber Extraction Training in Masindi where equipped over 100 youth in Mirya village.
  • In 2019 launched and successfully handled Banana Fiber Extraction Awareness in Ntugamo
  • Launched Banana Fiber Extraction Training Editions (BAFETE2019) where younger teens where equipped with skills in jewelry making,fiber sorting and grading.
  • We have been featured on both local and international platforms like World Youth Forum-Startup Vein 2018.
  • Won the global Video competition which was organized by Sawa World Uganda 2018
Together we can,your support can give another life a new beginning with only 1000ugx or 1$ can make someone in my community to be part of this training. Not only attending and get certificate of completion but life time vocational skill which will enable him/her earn living forever and even create platform of jobs for other fellows in community.

Your support doesnt only train or equip but will support them to unlock and explore new opportunities in life. As we envision to improved social and economic life status of Youth and Women in Uganda & Africa, joining ateam where everyone achieves more.
Mawejje Creations “NATURE MEETS ART”.
Why we decided to use DOLPHINFUND platform, its frist and secureUgandan Platform which have come forward to support communities to link them with their supporters across the world. The methods of payment are safe and secure with fultterwave and MTN moblie money
NB: Supporting us reaching our goal,will give another life a new beginning.
You can donate as many times as you can with both your mobile wallet or even debit visa card
We want to train as many younger people as we can but given limitted space,following the guidelines of government and minsitry of health we can only afford 16 younger people however our target is to equip and train 100 of them this year
For inquries kindly reachout to our Team Leader at +256701395729 on whatsApp or email with subject “inquiry”
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    Muhammed Dimma donated Shs1,000
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  • Nyamande Sharon
    Nyamande Sharon donated Shs70,000
  • As the government ease the lockdown, In preparation for post Covid19 in our community and country at large. Mawejje Creations today received in kind donation of banana fibers worthy 50000ugx(15$) towards the hands-on skills training.
    You can be part of this as you Click on link
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