by Mugoda John Elly
Created Mar 17, 2021 | Kampala
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Hello the world ?
Greetings from Africa Uganda Kampala city, my name is Mugoda John Elly, am currently a new elected youth leader in Bbunga Community Kampala Uganda, little about me, am aged 24years, since my childhood, my passionate has been soccer and being a leader in my community, so that one day my dream of saving my fellow youth from some challenges that I will mention to you , luckily enough my goal of being a leader came after the entire community of bunga which is over the population of 40000 people elected me to lead the youth both girls and boys in the community,the population is 70% which covers the youth.

Therefore after being elected as a youth leader, we sat down with all the leaders in our Constituency on the district level, so we had to discuss on how we should try to solve some of the challenges that the youth have been and going through, and some of these challenges are as below,
1. Unemployment.(poverty)
2. Drug ? abuse.
3. School dropouts.
4. Sexual harassment.
And others they do not know even about Jesus christ.

So we came up with different ideas and I suggested that in order to solve some of those challenges, we need to start up projects that can gather and bring or converge the youth together, and we agreed on that, so after I had to conduct community youth meeting and we discussed with the youth, so I decided to start up a youth project in my community, and its called (Youth Project Bbunga Community )

We started with poultry keeping and we have been keeping 1000 broiler ? birds, and we managed to employ five youth who learnt the skils , we also managed to get three sewing machines so that girls can also learn how to sew and earn a little saving, on top of that I had to approach one of the welding work shop in the community so that they can help us and teach so boys how to make beds, windows, chairs and another items got from welding, so these four boys learnt.

So the reason as to why I have decided to address this project to the entire world is to kindly seek for financial help in any way either machines like sewing machines, welding machines or interms of money,

Our goal as a community from April, we are looking to add on some capital as I explained above, we need to add on
1. 10 sewing machines, that can help the girlchild and each sewing machine cost of 300$ that is 3000$ for 10 sewing machines.
2. To aquire our own metal welding machines 6 of them and each machine cost 200$ and that is 1200$ for the 6 machines, this will be specifically for youth male.
3. We need two ? computers,( laptops)that can help us to start and run the project to keep records as it grows,the computers will cost 600$with instalation .
4. We are to get 2500 chicks , these one will be given to us for free since am a leader i registered the project and we are getting them for free,we shall just need to expand on the poultry house, we shall need to have feeds, electricity , water and we shall have to be hiring a simple truck ? to transport the feeds and the birds. even medicine to immunize the birds for four weeks, and this will cost2500$.
The poultry area have been employing five boys when we have 1000bird and now we shall have to add on other five to make the total of 10 boys.

• So after making all the research and having the accountability in the meeting, the budget had to go upto 6800$, if we are to have cash the total amount we are looking for to sponsor our simple project is 6800$ but if we get some donations for the machines, our budget will be 5000$ That will help us to bost the project and as it keeps growing we also add on the number of the youth and that will help us to meet our poor community goal for the better plans of the youth,
Note ?, Am serving as a youth leader in my community for 5years I pray this goal works for the better.

We appreciate any interest in helping us reach this project in helping youth in the area develop themselves. You may reach the founder and leader on
Contact: 0759 947 838
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