by Harry Sagara & Dr. Linda Lilian
Created Mar 13, 2022 | Kampala
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My name is Harry Sagara and I am inviting you to support my project of opening the first Sober Bar in Kampala!
I have struggled with Alcohol in the past and I know what that means, I want to give back to the recovery community and also to support others who are facing many of the same difficulties we did in the past.
In Kampala, there are no options for people who don’t drink if they want to socialize. Many find themseves in bars surrounded by people who are drinking alcohol, which can place people in uncomfortable situations. I want to change that!
The soBar will offer EVERYONE an alcohol free space where they can enjoy socializing with others in Kampala! It will provide everything a normal bar does, however all drinks and cocktails will be alcohol free. We will serve food, have live music, comedy nights and much more. Being sober doesn’t have to be boring, and soBar will prove that!
Money raised from this fundraiser will go towards securing a space to open the Sober Bar, setting up the decor and building the kitchen. We will be selling T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies at soBar and we are offering a first glimpse at these products as rewards for supporting us! a donation of 30.000 will earn you a Cap, a donation of 50.000 will earn you a T-shirt while a donation of 100.000 will earn you a hoodie. We look forward to your support and thank you for supporting the recovery community!

What is a sober bar?
  • A sober bar is a bar without alcohol that promotes sobriety in the community through entertainment.
Why would someone want to go to a bar without alcohol?
  • You don't need alcohol to be sociable and enjoy entertainment
  • You suffer from addiction and don't want to be tempted to use
  • You are under 18 years old
  • You abstain from alcohol for a variety of personal reasons
  • You have your kids with you or you are pregnant
  • Employee get together
  • First date
And many more.....

We have been working towards this project for over a year, and we have huge plans for how to impact the community and expand all over the country. Your donations will go towards the opening and operation of the very first soBar!

We've been working hard on this project of over a year. There are a lot of potential challenges and risks in regards to a project like this, but we believe these challenges are worth overcoming and we will pursue this mission until completion. If one life is saved from addiction or death because of this project....It will have all been worth it!
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