Help Me get through Medical school!

by shamy adams
Created Apr 28, 2022 | Jinja
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Hi there, My name is shamy adams. I am currently a fourth-year medical student at International Institute of Health Sciences JINJA. Unfortunately, I have had sanctions placed on my university account due to severe financial issues. As a result of not being able to interact with the course entirely, I am at risk of being withdrawn from my studies. Therefore, I am making this DolphinFund to give my family a fighting chance.

Admittedly, funding for medical school has always been quite tricky, but with the advent of COVID-19, our family income almost came to a standstill. My father, bless his heart, has been working night and day to still provide for not just me but three of my younger siblings. As the oldest, I bear the responsibility of carrying the weight of the dream they have for all of us.

Academically, I do pretty well. Medical Knowledge wise, I have been in the top 10% for my first year and third year of university and was in the top 10% in the Student selected module in the third year. In my third year, I won the prize for the most improved student (based on z scores) – which meant that I soared up the decile rankings at a faster rate than anyone else in my year. In the AMKs that I have participated in*, I have gained the highest scores several times and gained “excellent” scores (top 5) five times in a row now.

Personally, my dream is to become a clinical geneticist. This dream was sparked when I spoke to the mother of a child born with an ornithine transcarboxylase deficiency. I felt a deep sense of duty, a longing to protect the child from the fate that life had dealt to it. This moment spurred me to start International Institute of Health Sciences JINJA first human and clinical genetics society, where I get to teach other students about their genes, genetic diseases, and treatments. I was also hoping to provide a platform for researchers and doctors who work in genetics to teach interested medical students about their careers. I hoped to spend my intercalated year studying genomics medicine to achieve this dream. But unfortunately, that seems unlikely given my current financial situation.

Once I graduated from medical school, I was finally hoping to contribute to my sibling’s tuition fees. However, my future here has massive implications for my family's future. My success is their success, but my failures are also their failures, and I refuse to let my sister’s dream of being an engineer not come to fruition.

Hopefully, with your help, I will graduate from medical school and become a doctor who helps others in the same way you’ve helped me.


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