Renovation of community tourism

by masika zaulia
Created Dec 21, 2023 | Kyarumba Kasese Uganda
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project :support community based touring for rural people in Kyarumba Kasese Uganda.


WOMEN CALL CENTRE UGANDA IS requesting funding in renovation of five cattoges and construction of multpurpose hall to support community based tourism in rural areas in Kyarumba kasese western Uganda on Rwenzori Mountains. This will attract may people and create over 120 jobs in next 12 month in Kasese Uganda. It is constructed and use local materials like Bamboo,grass and wood. The floors are cement and stones.
Tourism is one of the most important industries in the in uganda and world. It is an industry that brings in a lot of revenue for countries around the world. The tourism industry has always been the backbone of economy and in uganda. However, it was seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic downturns since 2019 to 2022. This led to a drop in tourism which had a negative impact on hotels, restaurants, and other related sectors.
The recovery of tourism in recent years has led to an increase in hotel occupancy rates as well as renovation of hotels that were previously abandoned due to COVID-19 and now we hope to renovate community based tourism to promote rural Uganda,
Therefore your funding will coause difrence in lives of communities and community based tourism is key to functionaing of societie in Uganda

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