Help me-32 weeks pregnant & so stressed

Created Jul 12, 2020 | kampala
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Hello members, thanks for everything you do for this foundation, I badly need your help those willing. I am 32 weeks pregnant, I thought I had it all figured out before coz babydaddy and I had big plans for the future so I thought, we had both just returned from 8months kyeyo.

I had a little savings unlike him so the little money I had saved we agreed that I give it to him to add on his Canada visa processing and a few months later he said he was scammed and that was the beginning of our woes, we started surviving on a little savings that had remained until it was all done and then he changed and started being abusive physically and emotionally until he decided to abandon us in the house in February.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and also have a 16month old baby boy but right now I have nothing not even a mama kit, nor anything ready to receive the newborn or anything for hospital, I am so broke, depressed and heart broken, ever since baby daddy abandoned us in the house in feb I have been surviving through relatives and a few friends but now they are also in a hard situation they can’t help anymore.

I am in rent arrears of 4 months and the landlord has given us two weeks to find our way out.I am so stressed and depressed.
Attached are my national ID, photo and hospital scan that actually showed that the baby has a lose cord around his neck, I can provide all my details to those willing to help me, I just need help for now as I am planning to look for a job once I deliver so as to be able to provide for my kids, I will forever be indebted to anyone out there willing to help me.
I have shared my national Id and phone number with you for clarity purposes in case anyone wants them .

  • Shamim Walusimbi
    Shamim Walusimbi donated Shs2,000
  • Nelly Busingye
    Nelly Busingye donated Shs20,000

    May God come through for her

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