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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fundraising: This is a way of raising funds where you are able to use the power of social connections to help someone else or a community. People are able to support others directly through the donations they send for their chosen cause. 

How do donors send money:
Dolphin Fund receives money onto its platform through several channels including credit/debit cards, Mobile Money 

What is a campaign: This is a specific project on the DolphinFund site where an individual or organisation describes what they are raising money for and why.
Can I raise money for myself:
Yes. Several campaigns carried out through DolphinFund have been for personal needs like medical care, surgeries, or study needs.
How do donors send me money:
DolphinFund receives money onto its platform through several channels including credit/debit cards and Mobile Money. The funds are then sent to an account you specify to DolphinFund. This account may be a bank account, mobile money or Paypal
How do I ensure that my campaign raises a lot of money:
The success of your fundraising campaign lies in how many people learn about it. Therefore you need to share it with as many people as you possibly can. The DolphinFund platform enables you to share your campaign directly to your social media connections as well as links to your website and in your emails. Click to see further tips on running a successful DolphinFund Campaign
How do I receive donations:
DolphinFund is keen to ensure that you receive the funds that you have collected in a timely way. Donations will be transferred to your bank to arrive within 10 business days. In order to receive the money, ensure that your bank account information is included correctly in the beneficiary bank account category.
How does DolphinFund make money:
The DolphinFund platform shall take a small percentage of the total amount that the campaign raises in order to cover administrative costs. Click to see details on DolphinFund platform fee.
My question has not been addressed here: Has your particular question not been addressed here? Please feel free to contact our customer support team. 

Tips on Running a Successful DolphinFund Campaign
Ensure that you have a clear idea of what you are raising money for. The specific amount that you want to raise is your fundraising target. Your campaign should also have a time frame to it. 
Be Realistic
In order to set a realistic fundraising target, you should consider how many pledges you would need in order to meet the target. Think about what that would mean in terms of marketing and spreading the word about your campaign. Does your target still seem achievable then? You may also have to think of creative ways through which you can motivate your donors to give more per person so that you are able to achieve the goal with less pledges. 
Your campaign will be more successful when more people know about it. Use every opportunity to spread the word about it. If you are an already existing NGO or other type of organisation, start off by marketing to your existing partners. The initial momentum this will create as they start to donate will be helpful in encouraging others to start giving. 
Share as much knowledge as you can about your cause. This could be in terms of the compelling stories that you are telling about why your cause matters. This could also be in educating the donors on how they can do even more than giving. Donors may be willing to spread the word about your campaign, for instance. Empower them to do this by giving them information on what they should share, as well as suggestions on content. Share a video with them that they can also use on their social platforms, which highlights the reason your cause is relevant and important. 
Building a Strong Team
Your campaign is an opportunity for people to get together and raise funds for a cause they have in common. Working on a campaign with others enables you to spread the load in terms of marketing, managing your campaign and other roles and responsibilities. Spreading the word about the campaign is also faster as you are taking advantage of the different team members’ networks. 
Partner with other organisations that are doing similar work.
If you are raising funds for a cause similar to that which another organisation works with, they may be interested in supporting you especially if it is not in direct competition with one of their initiatives. You can send these organisations information on your DolphinFund campaign and ask them to share it with their networks. Collaborating with similar organisations should be an ongoing effort on your part.
Finish Strong
Sometimes when campaigns have had good initial success, there is the temptation to slacken and not keep up the momentum. Avoid this by continuing your marketing campaigns right until the last donation has come in.

Has your particular question not been addressed here? Please feel free to contact our customer support team.( info@dolphinfund.org) +256 751 045 607