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Surgery funds needed to remove skin tumor.

by Lorraine Aguti
Created Jul 28, 2020 | Kampala
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Martha suffered last year from an accident which left her with a traumatic scar. Martha has a family history of keloid scars, a medical condition where one's skin cannot properly heal due to excess collagen production in which a tumour develops around the scar area. Keloid scars can grow to be much larger than the original injury that caused the scar if not treated well.
Due to this scar, Martha doesn't feel as beautiful as other girls and has also experienced stigmatization, depression, insecurities and anxiety. Martha's family is not currently doing well financialy due to pressuring financial issues such as a sick patient at home.

Martha's treatment is due to cost 1,500,000 UGX in which three cosmetic procedures will be done; laser treatment, mocro needling and micro pigmentation that will try to revert the scar structure to normal skin, the procedure will be done by a highly qualified dermatologist. Please help
Martha feel beautiful again.
Please contact 0751698700 for further details,funding or inquiries.
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