by Noreen Asekenye
Created Jul 30, 2020 | Uganda
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Hello, my name is Noreen Asekenye and thank you so much for sparing time to read about this fundraiser.

Together4Good has been birthed as a result of the uncertainty of Covid-19 as a way of encouraging people that are struggling that they are not alone and that even in isolation we still can do good deeds.

Ever since it's inception, Tell a story Foundation Uganda : a non profit that is touching and connecting lives through stories and acts of charity has continued to champion love for humanity.

We have devoted ourselves to walking for a good cause annually in the month of September as we celebrate our birthday. Last year, we turned one, a group of selfless people walked in the heavy down pour to support the education of children with autism. All the proceeds collected from this walk were used to renovate the school structure at Dorna Center for autism.

This year, because of the directives to avoid social gatherings, we will not be converging to have this walk. However, you can still walk for a good cause from where you are and for as many miles as you can.

Our purpose this year is create small enterprises for the families of the children in our care .These have been helped through back to school fundraisers and provision of other basic needs that they may need. At such a time, when hope seems lost, and so many people are struggling financially. We choose to offer a sustainable solution of businesses that will be a mean and source of survival to these families.

You can support this cause by buying a Together4Good tshirt at 6 dollars(Ugx.20.000) and be apart of our community making a difference in the lives of others. With this t-shirt, you can get to walk from where you are, send videos or photos of your walk moments hastagged (#together4Good).

You can also be apart of this cause by donating any inkind contribution, for inquiries and further information Please call 0754130546 and 0778908955.

Alone we can not do much but together we can do so much more.

Thank you

Noreen Asekenye

Founder and Team Leader

Tell a story Foundation Uganda.
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    Engarai Nevin donated Shs5,000

    It is a good cause

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