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by kateu herbert
Created Aug 30, 2021 | uganda
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Hi there! Glad you stumbled onto my page!

I hope life's great, despite the situation with the pandemic.
Let me introduce you to Xonal, an online streaming service that will be streaming radio, music, audio books and podcasts.
I work a typical day job 7am to 6pm, but have managed to squeeze every minute of my free time to bring this site to life, 5 months of hard work. As you might have guessed I put on many hats at this point, frontend developer, backend developer, ux designer to mention but a few
I have managed to come up with a working version of the website good enough to go into production.
This is where you come in, I have hit a brick wall and need funding for data collection and marketing to radio stations for the first stage of the launch. I have no office yet and am also planning on getting a ux designer and app developer to help me create a mobile version.
There are more than 200 broadcasting radio stations in Uganda with only around 15% streaming online. I intend to get as many as I can on my website.
This first version of the website has been developed for radio but other services like audio books, music and podcasts will be introduced gradually
A budget of 10,000 USD will help make my dream a reality. This campaign will not only help raise money but also enter potentially untapped market space. Tidal and spotify are present in Uganda but lack alot of African content. All this can change with your help.
This is what I can offer you:
  1. 10$ (40,000UGX) + donation → Small but powerful:Free subscription to Xonal for 4 months once the app is launched!
  2. 25$ (100,000UGX) + donation → Curious: You receive 8 months free subscription to Xonal once the app is launched.
  3. 50$ (200,000UGX) + donation → Generous: You receive 8 months subscription for you and anyone else of your choice.
  4. 100$ (400,000UGX) + donation → Enthusiastic: You receive 8 months subscription for you and up to 5 people of your choice.
  5. 1000$ (4,000,000UGX) + donation → Addicted: You receive up to 2 years free subscription for 10 people of your choice.
  6. 5000$ (20,000,000UGX) + donation → Passionate: Wow! This is big, you would receive 4 years free subscription of 7 people of your choice including you, and subscriptions there after subscriptions would be at half price for another 2 years for you. Finally I would invite you to a stakeholders get together which would include a trip to one of Uganda's tourist attractions.

Don’t forget to leave me your email-address. I will send you a personal email, and tell you how you would redeem your rewards.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kateu Herbert
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