Chairs for St.Francis Chapel Dadir,Kachumbala

by Oluka Pross Nagitta
Created May 24, 2020 | Kachumbala Bukedea District
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1.0 The project context
The project was conceived as a result of wide spread cry of long distance to the main Parish by Catholic Christians in Kachumbala. The Parishioners, who among them are elderly could no longer walk to the Parish to attend mass. The Parish Council granted the request to establish a sub- parish on 6th October 2013. At first we congregated under trees, then moved to a makeshift tent, then to a mad and wattle. With a span of 7 years we have managed to erect a structure fully roofed. The parishioners have, therefore, made it a priority to take a step towards building the church despite the fact that the majority of the people are poor. The project is called St. Francis Chapel Dadir, Kachumbala. The church is located in Kachumbala, Bukedea District (Eastern part of Uganda). The Main Parish is Uganda Martyrs Catholic Parish Kachumbala.

2.0 The problem statement
Christians in Kachumbala search for God in the midst of many challenges including among others, long distance from the main Parish, poverty and sicknesses. In this part of the country, Christians are vulnerable to many harsh situations and conditions such as exploitation by witch doctors, who may make them believe that sacrificing children increases their chances of attaining divine power. Therefore the need for intervention by bringing a church nearer to the people, the majority of whom lack support, care and security against such evil vices.

3.0 The project goal and objectives
The project goal is to set up a sub parish from which Christians will benefit emotionally and spiritually. In addition a nursery will eventually be set up and funds permitting, we shall also have a catholic health facility from where to improve the quality of life of such vulnerable community members through providing free education and medication by the end of 2022.
The project objectives are; to build the church that strengthen Christian values, restore, dignity, hope and faith in God by practicing our religious values. Also create awareness of how to create confidence and self-esteem and prevention against witch doctors and sorcery and cooperate with organizations, institutions, societies and associations whose objectives are in whole or part to those of catholic faith.

5.0 The project strategies
The project strategies are; this year there is a need to roof the church. This will eventually be followed by plastering and putting of shutters to make it accessible to the catholic community. We shall continue soliciting for funds through community involvement by way of fundraisings and sensitization to get support for the project from all stake holders. In the preceding years we plan to set up the nursery and a modern health and residential facility for the Priests so that we apply for a fully-fledged parish from where to improve the quality of life of the Christians through providing free education, medication and shelter. The land on which the church is built is in the names of the church, but for any extensions in the future, we shall purchase more land where need arises.

6.0 The implementation schedule
The implementation of the project shall be in the following three phases; Plans and preparations for floor and chairs is the most urgent so that the parishioners sit comfortable as they worship. The land on which the project sits, is already secured and registered in the names of the Church. The project is being managed by the Church Building Committee headed by the chairperson who is currently working with a team of five other members. The Project manager shall be responsible for informing the key stakeholders for the church parish of the progress and quality of work going on. The Logistics officer shall be recruited to be in charge of all the stores and materials at the site.

7.0 Project Monitoring & evaluation
Monitoring & evaluation of the project shall be done in phases and within the stipulated time; the Project Manager shall carryout evaluation and preparation of the reports thereof. Also the parish priest and his team shall carry out independent evaluation from that of the project management to ensure objective assessment of the progress of the project. Evaluation shall be done by the Parish Priest and his team who will report directly to the donor agency how the project has progressed well. Source of monitoring and evaluation information shall include; monthly and quarterly reports. The monitoring and evaluation indicators shall be based upon the flooring materials and chairs bought and fixed in addition to quality of work man ship.

8.0 Project Budget
The source of funding for the project will mainly be from donor agency. Financial reports shall be prepared frequently depending on the money withdrawn from the bank, in terms of how it will be utilized. The total budget for execution and achievement chairs’ and flooring project is estimated at 21,500,000 million Uganda Shillings (300 chairs x 30,000 @= 9,000,000 /=). While the floor will cost 12,500,000 (twelve millions, five hundred thousand Uganda Shillings only). The project manager will from time to time prepare financial statements such as cash flows to portray to the stake holders how the project funds are being utilized in achieving objectives.

9.0 Project sustainability
The project shall be sustained in the following three dimensions of sustainability; The project’s technical sustainability shall be ensured by training the parish staff on how best to maintain the church facilities. The project management sustainability shall be ensured by continuously maintaining a highly motivated management and staff teams to deliver long term project out comes and goals. To sustain the project economically, stakeholders and the community at large will have to continually fundraise so that long term investment activities will be undertaken to support the project in the long run. The project environmental sustainability shall be ensured by supporting, conserving, preserving and co exist harmoniously with the major aspects of the natural environment.

10.0 Conclusion
Conclusively the funds that we are humbly asking you to give, will mean and achieve far more given the fact that the Christians for whom you are sending the money to roof the church building will socially and spiritually change for the glory of God. We promise that the money will be put towards restoring the spiritual dignity of the community members mentioned above in terms of giving them an opportunity to pray from an improved church environment. We also hope that we will be able to utilize this money so well that by the time we invite to access the work done by then and hopefully lay a foundation stone, you will find a vibrant and changed society. We promise that every dollar you give us will go towards putting a smile in the community members’ faces and stars in their eyes and a hope and a prayer in their voice to carry you through ‘centuries’ of success. Help us give these community members the spiritual dignity they deserve.

P. O Box 20131 Plot 44-52, Jinja Road Kampala, Uganda.
Telephone contact +256 772 511950/ +256 700733659
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