A wheelchair for Mtoka Mbaali 70 Yrs Old

by Dolphin Fund
Created Jun 06, 2020 | kampala
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Are you an Angel sent by God?
The Lockdown is a recent happening.
My case is rather complex. I've been bedridden for 3 years. The little money I had saved was spent on medication, and never ending Umeme & Water Bills.
By the time COVID-19 creeped in, my savings had already been done with. My Sons who were lending a hand, lost their jobs. If someone can help me with a Wheelchair, that would be my greatest relief.
I turned 70 on 20th May 2020.
Despite the pain and suffering, the little food I eat is all absorbed in me almost due to lack of exercise.
But my most urgent need now is a wheel chair and i will realy be glad to be helped by any good samaritan.

Thank you.
Mtoka Mbaali
  • Viola Tukamushaba
    Viola Tukamushaba donated Shs35,000

    God heal you completely in Jesus name

  • Primrose
    Primrose donated Shs80,000

    We are almost there

  • Anonymous J
    Anonymous J donated Shs100,000

    Bless you Mtoka Mbali

  • Kabagambe P
    Kabagambe P donated Shs10,000
  • David Mushabe
    David Mushabe donated Shs1,000
  • Wilson kagina turyahebwa
    Wilson kagina turyahebwa donated Shs15,000

    Little but from my heart

  • Akababyeyi
    Akababyeyi donated Shs100,000
  • Julian Ahebwa
    Julian Ahebwa donated Shs30,009
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated Shs20,000
  • Augustine Mbaziira
    Augustine Mbaziira donated Shs30,000
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