Buy A Brick, Build SMEGSS

by St. Mary's Ediofe Girls
Created Jul 01, 2023 | Arua, Uganda
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St. Mary's Ediofe Girls' Secondary School (SMEGSS) of Arua, Uganda was founded in 1983 and started with 80 students. Now, 40 years later, the school has rapidly grown to over 1,160 students. A primary reason for this growth is SMEGSS excellent academic and extracurricular performance.

Unfortunately, the quality of infrastructure is not able to keep up with growth of SMEGSS. Among several infrastructure challenges, the most critical is the limited dormitory space. In 2020, two of the dormitories were deemed unsafe for living quarters. This forced SMEGSS to rapidly convert the multipurpose hall into a dormitory untill a more permanent solution was found. In addition, more and more students are having to fit into dorms, leaving minimal open floor space. We have even had to resort to desparate measures such as 3-tiered bunk beds.

The loss of the multipurpose hall means that all activities must now be held outdoors, such as prayer services, assemblies, and recreational activities. This is often very inconvenient due to Arua's harsh weather conditions, which commonly includes tropical rainstorms in the wet season and scorching hot days in the dry season.

We humbly ask for your support for the "Buy a Brick, Build SMEGSS" campaign for the construction of a new dormitory. This effort is currently being funded by students, their families, and the broader community. With each brick being rated at 500 Uganda Shillings (~0.15 USD), we hope you will contribute at least 1-- or as many as you can! -- recognizing that every brick and every effort counts. We also ask for your support in sharing this campaign with others.

Of course, the greatest gift you can give us is your prayers for the rapid success of this campaign. We trust that Mary, Seat of Wisdom, will continue to pray for us and inspire us.

Modes for donating:
(1) Using this website by clicking "Donate Now" (Airtel, Mobile Money, or Card)
(2) Using Mobile Money by sending to 0772349949 (account name: Sr. Josephine Aciro Acan, please indicate reason: Dorm Fundraiser)
(3) Dropping your donation off in person at SMEGSS
(4) Deposit directly in the SMEGSS bank account for the dorm

Thank you! Awa'difo mini!

Outside a condemned dormitory.

In front of the multipurpose hall, which is now a dormitory due to lack of space.

Inside the multipurpose hall.

Inside a crowded dormitory where some students must sleep on 3-tier bunk beds to make space.
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