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Nostie Pita Kamuz Fund

by Nostie Members
Created Jun 24, 2020 | Kampala Uganda
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Hello Friends and Family

Peter was involved in a near fatal accident in 2016. He broke both his legs and has been in and out of hospital fighting to get back on his legs. He remained with 2 major surgeries pending which the doctors said he could do when he grew older.
He had progressed well and was down to using only one crutch until he started feeling some sharp pain in his hip. The doctors told him although his hip tried to heal it was affecting some nerves in the pelvis area which could lead him lose co ordination for his legs.
He urgently needs a hip replacement, the same leg has a stiff knee which also needs replacement. Since he has a history of post surgery infection he has to be put on high end antibiotics after surgery.

Please kindly donate whatever you have so Peter can have his legs again.

Thanking you very much in advance.
  • Asingwire Faith
    Asingwire Faith donated Shs5,000
  • Leticia
    Leticia donated Shs5,000

    May the God lord help Pita through this.

  • Edna Nabatanzi
    Edna Nabatanzi donated Shs50,000
  • Sandra
    Sandra donated Shs40,000
  • Angela rutaisire
    Angela rutaisire donated Shs20,000
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated Shs100,000
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated Shs100,000
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated Shs10,000
  • Miriam Dhikusooka
    Miriam Dhikusooka donated Shs50,000
  • Gilbert M Kirungi
    Gilbert M Kirungi donated Shs25,000
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