Coffee Stories to Give and Drink Up to.

by Koffee Konnect Daily
Created Jun 26, 2020 | Kampala, Uganda
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Koffee Konnect Daily invites yOu to take part in a campaign that will make a difference to the TWO miLlioN coffee farming households in Uganda.

The campaign wiLL fund the creation and widespread distribution of blogs, posts, photos, and short videos about coffee preparation, coffee culTure, and the hArd working, crEativE people that wOrk in the coffee iNduStry.

Are you UgaNdaN?

If you do nOt drink Ugandan coffee regularly, you have a whole lot of company.

Only 4 in every 100 Ugandans drink our homegrown cOffeE.

Here are some reasons why you don’t #DrinkUGCoffee:

- You are not a coffee drinker, in the first place. You don’t like the taste.

- The first time you made yourself a cup of Ugandan coffee you found gritty coffee particles in it.

- Coffee is bitter in the cafe.

- The coffee that you drank was nasty.

- You don’t know how massive a difference it would make to coffee farmers if you drank Ugandan coffee.

- You don’t know what a great cup of coffee (brewed to your particular taste) feels like.

- You think coffee is not good for your health

Each and every one of these reasons can be dismantled completely with just a little more information.

What if I told you that cOFfee has oVEr 1,000 flavours in it, hUndrEds more than WINE. That there are so mAny different wAys around coffee (how it’s grown, the variety, or how it’s roasted) that a wonderful bAriSta (a coffee cHef) featured in a story you’ll read, could find OnE that works exactly to YouR taste.

But, most impOrtantLy,

What if I said to you that EVERY year, coffee farmers in UGanDa could make MillioNs of dollars more than they make currently, if more Ugandans drank coffee.
A kg of coffee beans will make 140 cups of coffee. BUT the farmer is selling green (raw) coffee, not cups of (rOaSted) coffee.
Green coffee sells for 3,000 ($0.80). A cup of coffee sells for 10,000 ($2.70). Currently most of the coffEe cUps are making mOney for cafEs in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Now imagine the over two million Ugandans on Facebook accessing this information and trying some UgaNdan coffee. The people on Twitter, Instagram, Blogs.

Funds will pay for writers, editors, graphics designers, communication, and sponsored promotions.
The stories and articles will run on our website, a committed coffee blog that has featured coffee farmers, and organisations working in coffee. They will be promoted through social media including sponsored posts and influencer promotion.
  • Purity Kirabo
    Purity Kirabo donated Shs10,000

    I read your nice stories keep them coming

  • Dickson Mushabe
    Dickson Mushabe donated Shs30,000

    A well wisher of Koffee Konnect.. This will definitely work

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