Pads during Covid 19

by Catherine nakayemba
Created Jul 20, 2020 | mpigi district
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Uganda notes that at least 84% of young people living in rural areas cannot reliably access and afford sanitary pads therefor an estimated 3.75 million Ugandan girls are living without adequate menstrual hygiene management, mainly as a result of limited access to proper menstrual products. many of the women and girls use crude and traditional materials such as toilet paper, pieces of form mattresses, banana leaves, and fibers of which all these are unhealthy, ineffective, and uncomfortable. according to menstrual hygiene management of Uganda girls continuously miss 3-4 school days because of menstruation some even fail to go back to school hence early marriages and teenage pregnancies.

As l believe "educating a girl child is educating a nation" menstruation/period is not an option to any girl or women, it does not know poverty, sickness or anything it will come when its time for you to menstruate doesn't matter if its COVID-19 where people have no money, no food or jobs to earn a living. we(me and the team) made if our duty to fight for the rights of rural girls and women to receive the same health rights as those in urban areas. Through training and providing safe girl reusable sanitary pads in different schools and communities, we have been able to train over 2000 girls in northern and central Uganda how to make their own reusable sanitary pads so that we say goodbye to the crude and traditional m, materials they use to manage their periods.

We have started this fundraising campaign to support train and distribute reusable sanitary pads to girls and women in Mpigi district. we hope to train 200 girls and women as well as make 100 reusable pads which we shall distribute in communities of Mpigi, we can not do this alone, but with your support and help, we need to make this campaign a success, so that we together can give a rural girl child safe, healthy and comfortable days during menstruation. Our campaign is the "2000 Campaign" Everybody can contribute from as low as 1000 so as we reach our goal.
We intend to use the funds to produce 1000 packs of pads that will be distributed to 2000 girls
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  • We had the opportunity to train 30 girls in Meembe Village over the weekend on the 25th how to make their own pads
    #supporting girls

  • The Happiness of every child while in school or at home especially during this pandemic is the safety, comfort, and great smile during Menstruation.
    Safe girl is here to make a girl have happy, safe, and comfortable periods by donating reusable pads.

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