School Canteen Employee Relief Fund

by Sharon Murungi
Created Jul 28, 2020 | Entebbe
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I'm Murungi Sharon a business woman in entebbe dealing in school canteens. Before schools where locked down I had 3 schools canteens in two schools in entebbe each employing 3 people making a total of 9 people. Ever since schools where closed myself and my employees have been struggling financially with no hope of schools opening soon. Some of my employees have been evicted because of accumulation of rent others are planing to go back to the village because they cannot even afford a decent meal.

With no hope of schools opening soon and on the above reasons, I have decided to try and save the situation by starting up this fundraising campaign in order to buy food and provide some small relief to these people. I'm also planning to give each of the 9 employees one million Ugandan shillings so that they can start up a small business such as charcoal stalls so that they can provide and support there families.

Together we can achieve this!!
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