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Save Byamukama Ryan

by Jovulean Itungu
Created Sep 27, 2020 | Uganda Cancer Institute
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My name is Jovulean Itungu. Thank you very much for sparing time to read about this finderiser.

Byamukama Ryan is 8years old boy coming from Rwimi, Bunyangabu District. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6 and was abandoned by his parents living him in the care of grandmother.

Byamukama Ryan is now admitted at Uganda cancer institute and seeking for 9million to anable start on tests and treatment.
Together with Ryan, we are calling upon all people,well wishers to support him financially so that he can be worked on.

Be part of the cause by donating any inkind contribution through mobile money 0703 525980, 0770835965.
bank account Jovulean Itungu
Equity bank 1040101029793

''We can do much when together but alone, we can't''
Thank you so much.
God bless you as you give.
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