Poverty Eradication Among Refugees

Created Apr 12, 2021 | Kyaka II Refugee Settlement
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Since December 2017, Kyaka II’s Refugee population has quadrupled, following the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees from DRC fleeing conflict and inter-ethnic violence in North Kivu and Ituri. According to the Government of Uganda Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda Refugees and Asylum seekers as of 2nd March 2021, Kyaka II has 124,601 Refugees. Out of these, 38,443 are youth aged between 18 and 35 years. Refugees in Settlements in Uganda are given land to build homes and cultivate and food rations are decreased overtime. Refugees are encouraged to engage in Income Generating Activities like Agriculture and Business and are free to engage in employment opportunities both within and outside the settlement. Due to the influx of refugees in Kyaka II, there’s limited farming as main source of livelihood since the sizes of land allocated per Household has been reduced from 100mX100m to 30mX30m. In addition, given that, the food relief provided to refugees is insufficient as well as no capital to initiate income-generating activities; this has led to an increase in rate of poverty, food insecurity, SGBV and environmental degradation in the settlement.
This project is aimed at obtaining $40,000 to provide alternative income generating activities for the 1,620 refugees and host community youth in the Kyaka II that will alleviate Poverty, SGBV, Environmental degradation and Health issues through training and support of local people in the practice of beekeeping and Agroforestry practices. The beneficiaries will be formed into 54 groups each comprising 30 members. The selection of the Project Beneficiaries will involve UNHCR, OPM (Office of the Prime Minister department for Refugees), the Donor, Refugee Welfare Council leaders, Local Councils, and other NGOs operating in the area. 108 Langstroth hives (2 beehives per group) and train a core contingent of 1620 local community members in the practice of beekeeping as a means of providing personal and collective income to reduce local poverty with a targeted 90% adoption rate. 5,125 Tree/Fruit tree seedlings will be sourced by LGLWYI. The beneficiaries will plant multi-purpose trees to serve the fuel-wood needs and provide other environmental services such as food/fruits, soil and water conservation, and micro-climatic modification etc.
The monitoring team comprising of the governing body of LGLWYI, US Experts, group leaders, project manager and coordinator, will monitor the project under the regular supervision of a donor’s team. Every activity carried out will be monitored to ascertain whether it is done correctly, at the given timeframe and whether the desired effect(s) is achieved.
  • Solomon Bhaghabhonerano
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    I'm joining my hand for this cause. Together we can end poverty among refugees

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