Taste & save Uganda’s best jams. This is how!

by Anne Kalinzi
Created Jun 16, 2021 | Uganda
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Hey there! How are you?

We hope you’re doing great, despite the pandemic holding the world - and Uganda - in it’s firm grip.

Sweet. Organic. Fruity. Pure. Colorful. Friendly. This is what Uganda tastes like. We, Communauts, create products from Ugandan soil, together with communities living on the borders of protected areas. Think of Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Kibale Rainforest.

We make Chunky Monkey Banana Jam, Sweet Pangolin Pineapple Jam, Passionate Crane Passionfruit-Pineapple Jam. Prefer savory? We have Hearty Monkey Ketchup and Hot Elephant Chili Sauce. Not only delicious to consume, but also a great gift for people at home. The taste of Uganda, by Uganda, for Uganda.

In normal times, we sell these organic delicacies to hotels and lodges. But with the crumbled tourism market, we started selling our tasty, organic products at places that you might know…

Such as Yujo, Ark Organics, The Pantry, Kardamom & Koffee, Bbrood or Dancing Cup.
Our existence depends on you! The foodie, the gastronome, the sweet-tooth. Our new loyal customer - who we can make happy anytime you add one of our products to your meal.

But… I’m going to be straightforward with you. We need donations too. 10,000$ to be exact. Only then will our farmers be able to keep working their magic - and earning a stable income with it.

No worries, only 10$ could already make a difference! And you’ll get one free product too!

By donating money, you will not just keep us afloat. You will be a part of our community. Therefore, I want to send you a package, right to your doorstep in Kampala. This is what I can offer you:
  • 10$ + donation → Small but powerful: Buy 1 product at a store, get 1 for free!
  • 25$ + donation → Curious: You receive one product of your choice.
  • 50$ + donation → Generous: You receive both sauces, or all three jams.
  • 100$ + donation → Enthusiastic: You receive all 5 products in a gift box.
  • 1000$ + donation → Addicted: You receive a subscription for one year: all five products, freshly delivered to your doorstep every month!
  • 5000$ + donation → Passionate: Wow! Let’s go big! I’d like to offer an all-inclusive weekend trip to Fort Portal for you and your family (2 adults and up to 3 children), where you stay in one of our finest partner lodges and take part in our production. You meet our farmers, taste all kinds of products, and of course: visit a national park! On your way home you will take a gift package with our five products: for the memories!
Donations can be made through Mobile Money or VISA payment. Please don’t forget to leave me your email-address. I will send you a personal email, and you can tell me more about which product(s) you want, and where you want me to deliver it.

Want to know more about our products? Want to taste them first? We organize a tasting every weekend at Dancing Cup! Or check out our website at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anna Kalinzi
Managing Director
  • Sjoerd Pieter Logcher
    Sjoerd Pieter Logcher donated Shs177,000


  • Anna vos
    Anna vos donated Shs350,000
  • Heidi Oranje
    Heidi Oranje donated Shs353,000

    You make great products. Good luck!

  • Marion
    Marion donated Shs100,000
  • Abwooli
    Abwooli donated Shs40,000

    I love the chunky monkey jam

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