by Buyinza Michael
Created May 29, 2020 | Kampala
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Hello folks, let's do this!

A man confronts his father’s old police partner in order to get information to track down the man who killed his parents.

Hello World! My name is Micheal Kai, I live in Uganda. As a little kid, I used to watch films in Uganda cinema halls and I wondered how an Actor can be seen on TV? It was a mystery and I used to ask myself how do they make films and what course does one take if they want to become an actor. By then cinema halls were public gatherings built up with wood and iron sheets and at the front there could be a small TV or sometimes a projector and a local live dubbing artist to translate the film showing. So whenever I could pass by the hall and look at the poster and spot that there was a showing, I could be among the first guys to get a ticket. So the cinema hall was about 10km from home, one of my elder brothers by then had a bicycle and we could ride for a movie each time there was a showing. As I grew up I started reading articles about film making and acting and also listened to actors interviews but the magic wasn't yet clear to me as I still had that same question how is a film made and how can an Actor be seen on TV ? something that seemed funny in my world. In my last two years in High school I decided to do MDD and got involved in interclass competitions and for the first time I got involved in a school theater play and our class won as the best performers of the year and we won an AWARD. I started realizing that I had a talent in performing arts that I needed to craft and take care of. So I started networking with some film makers, I got chances to volunteer on film sets- behind the scenes, where I sometimes got a chance to act in minor roles such as FIST in mission 2016 film. I continued with online acting classes, read books and articles about Film and Acting world. Got mentored by some working actors and all this gave me a broad knowledge about film and acting world. I ❤ ACTING because I believe it's the only way I can express and share my emotions through story to the World mostly in places I can't reach.
I feel the message in this film project is global in one way or another.
I have complete vision for this film and in order to achieve it the way I see it I will need your help.

Your contributions will go toward:
Equipment rentals: Lenses, lighting, grip and props
post production: sound editing
Meals and transportation.
With this campaign we're looking to raise $1100 and if any extra the better for the film success. We understand financial constraints especially during this time so we are hoping to get any kind of support from you. We also offer exciting perks!!
If we fall short of our goal we can still make the film, just not the way we’d like but we will do our best with what we are able to raise. Thank you for believing in us!

Spread the word. Share on your social media pages. Ask your friends to share. Every 10,000 Ug shs helps.


1USD is Ug shs 3500


10000 Ug shs > Well wisher credit in the film

300000 Ug shs >Well wisher credit in film + signed poster + signed DVD

1000000 Ug shs > signed film script + Producer credit in the film +signed poster + thank you video.

2000000 Ug shs > signed film script + signed poster + executive producer credit + signed DVD + thank you video.

4000000 Ug shs>signed film script + film t-shirt + executive producer credit + thank you video + signed poster + signed DVD plus a chance to video chat with the cast and crew after a wrap on the shooting day.

Together we can, lets donate and share to invite friends.
Micheal Kai
Actor | Producer
    MUGAMBWE MULISHID donated Shs20,000

    Great story. Best wishes. I believe in this film 100%.

    K. DANIELS donated Shs10,000

    I believe in this film 100%. Thanks Micheal Kai.

  • Becky
    Becky donated Shs5,000

    Great story. Best wishes. I believe in this film 100%

  • Martin Mururu
    Martin Mururu donated Shs3,100

    I'm donating again and encouraging everyone to donate. Best of luck.

  • Herbert
    Herbert donated Shs3,000

    I believe in this film 100%. Micheal you deserve everything good in this world. Best of luck.

  • Martin Mururu
    Martin Mururu donated Shs3,100

    I believe in this film 100%

  • Micheal
    Micheal donated Shs4,000

    I believe in this film 100%

  • We've so far raised shs 48,200 out of the goal of shs 4,000,000 and have grown by 1.21%
    Steady growth. Thanks to all our donors for the wonderful support.
    Be blessed. Let's continue to spread news about this short film fundraiser and donate if you're able to support. Everyone is welcome to be apart of this project. Come and support us.

    Micheal Kai
    Actor | Producer

  • We now have 5 donations and are getting closer to goal day by day.
    Keep donating and invite friends to support. Thanks.
    Much appreciated.

  • Raised so far Shs 13,200
    Way to go Shs 3,986,800
    Goal Shs 4,000,000
    Continue donating and share with friends.
    Thanks for the support.

  • I've noticed that Dolphin Fund does not accept international payments (Out of Uganda) but I can surely still help you get your donation on the platform with much ease.
    Get in touch here
    and I'll walk you through every step.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Micheal Kai
    Actor | Producer

  • We now have 3 donations and are at 0.25%
    Thank you so much. We can make this happen.

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